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Gibbs-Starling Map Update

Found so much information on the map since last. I now have some great digital images of the map that were given to me by OSU Library. They have copies there and at The Oregon Historical Society Library.  The new digital image has revealed another reservation that we could not see on our poor images before. the Yamhill Reservation, situation north of Grand Ronde, in another small valley, perhaps Gopher valley. Also reading closely through the narrative on the map I noticed finally Gibbs and Starling consulted with a Leonard White for the river survey between Salem and Canemah in Salem. I began researching Leonard White and found a lot. he was a riverboat captain, we was very adventuresome and would tackle rivers than had not been floated before by sternwheelers. he was the first to make it by sternwheeler to Eugene and many points up the Willamette above Salem. He also advertised in 1851 of having made it to Salem and that he would be making regular routes from the falls to Salem and above. so Gibbs and Starling probably traveled with him or saw the ad in the newspaper and consulted White for his river navigation charts. This is what they based that section of the map upon. I have since written an entry to the OE for Captain White.

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