chinuk wawa t’Ɨap

camas- ant’ip

LCC Canvas                                              LCC skul t’wax̣-pipa

LCC Zoom                                                 t’wax̣ nanich-wawa

Google Search                                         t’wax̣ hayu-t’Ɨap

Quartux Blog                                           Quartux t’wax̣-t’səm

Facebook                                                   siyaxus-buk-t’wax̣-t’səm

tənəs- camas

Email                                                           t’wax̣-pʰost

OSU Canvas                                              OSU skul t’wax̣-pipa

Quartux admin                                        t’wax̣-t’səm mamuk-skukum


kalapuya ili?i

Note: “t’wax̣-pʰost” is electric letter/mail, “t’wax̣” means fire/spark/electric does not appear in the dictionary- only in the lexicon and is used to refer to all things related to the computer and the Internet- while “pʰost” appears in neither – mistakenly left out but in common usage at GR.

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