Historical Errors are the Rule, not the Exception

Over the past few years, I have pursued questions of the way history is written about the formation of the reservations in Oregon. I am not trained as a historian but instead as an anthropologist but the disciplines cross over well. Most of my work has been in ethnohistory, an admixture of ethnic studies, history and anthropology.  So I am now discovering that facts of history that all historians already grapple with. One of these facts is that history as written is changing all the time. As new historians find new details, facts, and trends – they work to write these into history. This is the same for Anthropology, which has developed over the past 150 or so years to an hugely diverse set of ways to study humans and animals. I have to allow for many inaccuracies and errors in the histories of the past. Yet I also am looking for progress, new developments in history, new information and

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Hello from Salem Oregon

The summer is nearly through, especially in Oregon. Its been mild here while the remainder of the county has been in a heat wave. I have gotten out to visit locations throughout western Oregon, the Cascades, Ashland, and Seattle. Its been a good summer for work, very little time for play but work has been rewarding. Perhaps the best lesson has been to rethink what my goals are. After graduation I found that I did not know what to do, and have struggled with how to keep myself, my mind busy. I have struggled to find the time for working out and find the motivation to begin working out. But recently I began thinking about what I had been like in the past, perhaps 20 or more years previously. I had spent much of my time cycling through the countryside and finding that it is usually the best time to think and gather myself.  Hearing others talk about this same

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