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Northwest History Conference

Had a very nice time in Tacoma this past weekend. There were  few sessions, the conference was only about a days worth of sessions. But two of the sessions had significant papers on Oregon history. They were all very good. Overall, there were no other native people at the conference […]

Gibbs-Starling Map Update

Found so much information on the map since last. I now have some great digital images of the map that were given to me by OSU Library. They have copies there and at The Oregon Historical Society Library.  The new digital image has revealed another reservation that we could not […]

new film Growing Native

A few months ago I was filmed in the Cascades by the Growing Native crew. I was helped by the folks at the Sweet Home Ranger District office, who helped with navigation and coordination for the filming. Tony Farque their archaeologist was filmed with me as well as tribal members […]

Gibbs-Starling Map 1851

Today spend a bit of time looking for the reference to the Gibbs- Starling map of 1851. I have a copy in digital form but its full of photocopy marks and this obscures some of the information. I found the reference and its at the Smithsonian, Cartography division at College […]