Umpqua Basin Tribal History

The interior Umpqua basin had at least three tribes, and perhaps four. There was the Yoncalla Kalapuyans, the Southern Molalla, The Upper Umpqua, and the Cow Creek Umpqua. There also was a Fort Umpqua established by Hudson’s Bay Company, and the first Umpqua Reservation.

The following are a series of articles about the peoples and events of the Umpqua Basin.

The Cow Creek Temporary Reservation

The Umpqua Reservation Census, 1855

When the Southern Molallas moved to the Umpqua Reservation

Cow Creek Umpqua treaty

Umpqua and Kalapuya Treaty

War of the Umpqua Tribes and removal 

Umpqua journal of removal

Umpqua Encampments at Grand Ronde

Umpqua Off reservation allotments