Wapato Canoes

There are several types of canoes for the region which served the purposes of the tribes. The most well know is the Chinook canoe or western style canoe of the Columbia River. It is designed to carry many people and travel very fast through large rivers and even the Ocean. they were also thought of … More Wapato Canoes

My Mankiller Story

Now that I am immersed in native studies, I am finding that everyone has a good Mankiller story, as in a story of working with Wilma Mankiller the former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Wilma became a figure in national native politics following Alcatraz where she became a central organizing figure, along with many … More My Mankiller Story

1851 Treaty with the Tualatin Band of Kalapuyas

The Tualatin treaty was the first to be negotiated in April of 1851 by the Willamette Valley Treaty Commission. The commission was replaced by Indian Superintendent Anson Dart who took over the work and budget of the commission in June or July of 1851 under the notion that the commissioners were not federal agents and … More 1851 Treaty with the Tualatin Band of Kalapuyas