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I am happy you are enjoying the Quartux Journal and are thinking of donating. The Quartux Journal relies upon annual donations to keep the site open. The fees are now north of $300 a year, for the site and the URL. Donations helps pay some travel costs and the occasional supply and equipment needs of the author. I want to keep the site completely open and free as I know numerous people use it for many purposes, for curriculum, for teaching, for professional reports, for reference sources, and for basic information about the tribes. Information about tribes can be difficult to find in books today. So by maintaining an open-source site, without paywalls, there continues to be huge advantages for many who needs information about Native history. Our educational institutions have yet to begin offering regular curriculum about Native peoples and this blog can bridge at least part of that gap. The site is popular and now getting to be well-known. I am now getting close to 100,000 page views year- In short the project is working. Please donate if you want to contribute in some way.

Quartux the wolf is a mythical Kalapuya wolf who had many adventures in southern Oregon.


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