Rogue River Tribal History

The Rogue River Tribes are a confederation of tribes from three different tribal languages, Takelman, Shastan and Athapaskan tribes and bands. The original Rogue River tribe is that of the Rogue river Valley, the Takelma people. Rogue River came to refer to the confederation after a series of battles and wars where the tribes confederated together to fight for their sovereignty and survival. I have written a number of essays that describe some of the major changes and events involving the Rogue River Tribes. This page is a guide to following their history in somewhat chronological order.

Takelma Tribal Stories

Takelma Ethnohistory 

The Two Treaties of Joseph Lane and Chief Jo

Fighting from the Corner, reports of invasion of Rogue River Country

Jo Lane’s report on the Evans Creek Battle 1853

Treaty of Peace of September 8,1853

Treaty of September 10, 1853

Treaty of  November 15, 1854

Sparking the Rogue River war

Priming the Powderkeg: Rogue River

We are willing to remove anywhere: removal of the tribes

Health Conditions of the Rogue rivers are Grand Ronde and the Coast Reservation

Removal and decline of the Rogue River

Medicinal Plants of the Rogue River

Chief Jo


The Quartux Journal