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I am a researcher and writer, and produce all of my own content. Some of the content is transcribed and edited from other sources.  All images are normally public use images or from federal or state documents that are in the public domain. If you need permissions for any of those primary source documents, I cannot grant that, and I suggest contacting the institutions where they are held. If you own an image that I have used, please just send me a note asking me to correctly identify the owner, or to remove the image. Many of the images I have used appear to be owned by an archive, when in actual fact the archive has scanned the image from the original, and only owns their scan. I normally scan my own images out of older sources.

My essays are intended for the use of educators, students, and the public that has an interest in studying and reading about history. Educational organizations may freely use my essays in classes, and students may use them for their studies. All content is copyrighted by me with the aforementioned caveats. I am requesting that if you use my essays regularly, that you consider donating to me some amount to help me defray the costs of keeping all of this content public and online. It costs about $300 a year to keep this website up. My paypal donation email is “dglwritereditor @”.

I am also requesting that if essays in my blog are being used by a class, that the instructor leaves a note for me noting the class and institution, and the articles being accessed. This will help me tally the educational use of my essays, and which articles seem to be getting more attention. I invite students to also send me a note as well.

If you use my essays as sources in a book, article, game, movie, video, map, curriculum, or any other published work, I ask that you credit me and my blog appropriately. I also ask that you do the right thing and donate to me an appropriate amount.

Credit suggestion (use appropriate formatting for the style for your discipline)

Lewis, David G., (article title)  Quartux Journal blog. (URL of the article), (access year).

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