Oregon Tribal History Videos

Broken Treaties Video

Broken Treaties: An Oral History Tracing Oregon’s Native Population

The Broken Treaties Project was a great experience as I advised the producer and participated in the video.

A Local Story Conversation with David G. Lewis, PhD: The Oregon Trail of Tears and Other Hidden Native Histories

A Five Oaks Museum project

Standing Strong the Tribal Nations of Western Oregon, 2009

I worked on the narrative and was on the committee to produce the video, worked on revisions, edits and helped with the overall production.

David G. Lewis, PhD – On Displacement, Relocation, Termination and Restoration

an education project

Native Nations: An interview with Dr. David G. Lewis

Discussion with David Liberty (Umatilla) about native issues.

THE TIME IS NOW… David G Lewis PhD, 11:13:2013


David Lewis Expanding Voices Presentation, 1/29/15

My analysis of a Kalapuyan story.

Marion County 175: David Lewis

A short intro to the commission meeting.

Anthropologist David Lewis Describes Traditional Cultural & Ecological Practices in the Long Tom

Some TEK work for the Long Tom Watershed

Oregon History 101 – “Two Hundred Years of Changes to Native Peoples of Western Oregon”

This was standing room only.

History Pub—“Stories From Our Native Ancestors”

Oral histories from western tribes.

Kennewick Man The Ancient One and Repatriation

I seriously do not remember this

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