Camas Journal, May 10, 2022 Minto-Brown Park

Visited again Minto-Brown park to see all of the camas fields. That field near the city has at this time a very thin population of camas, it seems too early for this field and they are just beginning to rise.

Notice the leaves above showing signs of having been mowed. The whole management plan here is to mow these field previous to the arrival of camas, it may be that this field is slower to develop because the mowing is retarding the plant growth.

The camas here are along the north and west faces of the field.

I then walked back over to the farm field to visit the well established camas there and got a huge surprise.

Yes a major section of the field is now under water, a seasonal floodzone about where the juncus area is. It was weird to see camas poking through the water. I also saw a large fish nearly grounding itself in the shallow water.

But still lots of interesting camas and quite a few white camas to inspect closely.

I don’t have the camera for close up work, maybe my next project.

The only field here yet to visit this year is under the restored tree area further into the park, maybe next week.

The new thing I notice this time, was that there are two varieties of camas here, one large and one smaller. This plant above is the smaller variety.

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