Who are the savages now? European Vampires of the 19th century: Is this the origin of the vampire literature of that era?

History just keeps getting better and repeating itself. Apparently the notion of the richest citizens and foreign investors having a controlling interest in the politics of the country is not a new concept. This statement from Senator Crittenden  in 1841 really hits the nail on the head.

” Their (foreign investors) object is to increase their own fortune by the spoils of  our land, to suck our young life blood for the purpose of strengthening and invigorating the decaying institutions of other countries. They seek to acquire political influence over us, that they may turn it to their own advantage and our destruction.”

And then the author confesses jealousy that he cannot be doing the same thing. Well it has now been happening for some time, from reinvestment into Europe and Asia following two World Wars, to the expansion of the global markets where American Banks and the American dollar is a major player.

Perhaps today’s American could really learn from this statement as this is what has occurred but now its being perpetrated by the richest Americans. They are so wealthy that they do not feel beholden to the American society or country for their ability to become wealthy, but only to their bottom line. They do not feel they have to follow laws and any sort of common morality and ethics, as long as they get paid. And they have worked for many decades to create a business climate where they make greater riches. That work involves modifications to our very political system, so that they get all of the breaks and none of the burden of paying for their footprints.  And they park their money offshore so their wealth does nothing to enrich America. The author then sums up this situation very well by stating “we shall most probably forfeit not only our liberty but our independence.”

Who are the savages now?

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