Frachtenberg was completely Misinformed

This is a common issue with the early Anthropologists, linguists and folklorists. The researcher approaches their subject without much understanding of the people or culture. they were told, or inculcated in the notion that the tribes were savages and disappearing from the earth.  Leo J. Frachtenberg, having been hired by Boas to come to Oregon, I thought would have a bit more of an open mind, but as you can tell the notion of the nature of the tribes is pervasive. He is the origin of much information in many language studies and ethnographic studies for the tribes in Oregon. It is interesting to read his perspectives on the Calapooias and then understand better what his motivations were when he did his research.

Frachtenberg here is after the last speaker of Tualatin. Louis Conoyer was living at Yakama Reservation.frachtenberg

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