Tecumseh Playground Park, New York

Found an interesting park in the lower West side of New York, called Tecumseh Playground. The park is associated with an elementary school. The playground has the usual play equipment, and a building that looks like an old blockhouse/log cabin with a painting on the back adjoining wall of a scene from the Southwest.  Further information on the park fence states that it is named after William Tecumseh Sherman, a hero of the Civil War, and the person the Sherman tank is named after.

20140624_124529Not a mention of the Great Chief Tecumseh that united the tribes against the Colonizers. In relation to Oregon we have a county, Sherman county named for him. But, a survey of his memoirs reveals he never came to Oregon, the closest he came was to the Bay Area and Sacramento in California. He wrote about some of his fellow military men going to Oregon the conduct surveys. He is most well known for his March into the South, tearing up the railroads on the way and utterly destroying the resources of the South during the Civil War.

Tecumseh playground, New York
Tecumseh playground, New York

Tecumseh the Chief of the Shawnee united the tribes of the mid-west in a large confederacy and fought against colonization and encroachment by the United States in league with the British in the War of 1812.

Update August 2014. Visited Annapolis and toured the United States Naval Academy visitor’s center. There, they have a huge replica Indian figurehead from a American Man of War. This replica is painted white, and every year the graduates paint the replica at graduation. The name of the figurehead is Tecumseh today. previously the name of the masthead was Tamanend, the revered Delaware chief who welcomed William Penn to America. Through the vagueries of time, the cadets renamed the masthead Tecumseh. an interesting confusion of history. It would be interesting to know why this is confused in this way. Tecumseh seems popular beyond his territory and time.

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