Camas Journal, May 8, 2022

I returned today to Bush Park to take in the middle prairie and see how things are going. The weather has scattered spring rains all day. This year the weather is odd, because for more than a decade its been dry in the spring and, while at the same time its normal because it used to be like this every spring.

The land is certainly drenched and the camas is loving it. I took the creek trail and followed the creek up to the ball fields and then crossed to the stadium and followed the camas along the trail there.

Found a great light blue camas in among many purples.

Nice mixture of thimbleberry, snowberry and camas near the stadium trail.

It is so thick by the stadium that the camas is laying down flat with their weight, perhaps waterlogged or maybe aided by humans or dogs who have flattened areas of camas in the park during their hiking.

But this area is thick with camas, and perhaps needs to dug more to thin it out.

The camas is clearly doing well at Bush park and tracking its progress is a lot of fun.

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