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Essay about the process of research.

“I suppose you know you are leaving us many days behind.” Umatilla Reservation 1871

  On August 7th 1871, Indian commissioner Alfred B. Meacham met with representatives of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. The mission was to discuss the possibility of the tribe relinquishing its reservation and combining with one of their neighboring reservations in Washington State or Oregon….

Research in Washington, D.C., August 2014

August in Washington, D.C. is hot, humid, and is always seen as a great opportunity to find incredible resources that are lost in the archives. I say lost because archives like NARA are so vast that the many finding aids they have for the…

Research online of the Genealogy of the Grand Ronde Tribe

Recently, I have a found that online research on tribal genealogy  is better than before. The Internet Archive has published perhaps all of the M595 series of annual censuses of the tribes. This annual census occurred from 1885-1940. Some ten years ago I acquired…

Gibbs-Starling Map Update

Found so much information on the map since last. I now have some great digital images of the map that were given to me by OSU Library. They have copies there and at The Oregon Historical Society Library.  The new digital image has revealed…

Gibbs-Starling Map 1851

Today spend a bit of time looking for the reference to the Gibbs- Starling map of 1851. I have a copy in digital form but its full of photocopy marks and this obscures some of the information. I found the reference and its at…

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