Waukikum Treaty of 1851

Treaty between the Waukikum tribe and the United States, negotiated by Anson Dart, Superintendent of Indian Affairs. The treaty negotiations at Tansey Point on the Columbia River were all arranged by Robert Shortess who was appointed special subagent. Dart was assisted by Henry Spalding agent, and Josiah Parrish sub-agent. The treaty was among 19 treaties negotiated by Dart and the Willamette Treaty Commission in 1851. None of these treaties were ratified by Congress. Dart accompanied the treaties to Washington, D. C. and gave the Senate a means of moving forward, by notifying them that all lands in the Willamette Valley were claimed by settlers so none of the Kalapuya treaties, which included reservations in the valley, could be ratified. Dart’s letter allowed the Senate to table the treaties forever.

The Waukikum people and territory never received a ratified treaty, the land was taken but never paid for by the United States.

Estimated Waukikum territory in southwestern Washington State, drawn from the treaty description by David Lewis

Waukikum Treaty of 1851

[p 1 ] In executive session Senate of the United States. August 1852. Articles of a treaty made and concluded at Tansey Point, near Clatsop Plains, August 8th, 1851, between Anson Dart, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, and others, on the part of the United States, and the Waukikum band of the Chinook tribe of Indians.

[p 2 ] [following is header] 1 Sep 32 Cong [Congress] (Confidential) [50] [square brackets in original] [header ends] Articles of a Treaty (see title within) (made 8th August, 1851, with the Wauki Kum [sic] Band of Indians, Oregon.) 1852, August 3rd read 1st time & referred c– [?] Indian Affairs.— Aug. 6 Ordered to be posted in confidence for the use of the senate [footer] 11 [footer ends]

[p 3 ] Treaty made + concluded at Tansey Point near Clatsop Plains, 8th Aug 1851 between Anson Dart- Sup’ Ind affairs + others, on the part of the US and the wau-ke-kum Band, of the “Chinook” Tribe of Indians.

[p 4 ] Articles of a Treaty Made and concluded at Tansey Point, near Clatsop Plains, this Eighth day of August Eighteen hundred and Fifty one, between Anson Dart Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Henry H. Spalding Indian Agent and Josiah L. Parrish Sub Indian Agent on the part of the United States of the one part, and the undersigned Chiefs and Headmen of the Waukikum Band of the Chinook Tribe of Indians of the other part.

Article 1  The said Waukikum Band of Chinook Indians hereby cede to the United States the tract of land included within the following boundaries viz.: Beginning at the mouth of a certain stream called the Lahbacluthl which empties into the north side of the Columbia River at the west end of Gray’s Bay, running thence up and along the Co-lumbia to the mouth of a certain stream called the Neuc-lūc-hae which empties into the Columbia, on the north side, above Oak Point, thence Northerly along said Neuc-lūc-hae to its head waters, thence North to the summit of the high lands between the Columbia and Chehalees riv-ers, thence following the summit of said highlands wes-terly to a point opposite or directly north of the head waters of the said Lahbacluthl, thence South to said head waters and following said last named stream to the place of beginning. The above description is in-tended to include all the land claimed by the said Band of Chinook Indians.

Article 2.  The said Waukikum Band reserve to them-selves the privileges of occupying their present places of residence and also of fishing upon the Columbia river and the two other streams mentioned in Article 1. Also the privilege of cutting timber for their own building purposes and for fuel,

[p 5 ] on the above described land and of hunting on said lands where they are not enclosed.

Article 3.  In consideration of the cession made in the fore-going articles of this treaty, the United States agree to pay to the said Waukikum Band of the Chinook Tribe of Indians, Seven Thousand Dollars—in annual payments of seven hundred dollars for ten years as follows viz.: One hundred dollars in money, Twenty Blan-kets, Ten Woolen Coats, Ten pairs Pants, Ten Vests, Twenty Twenty Shirts, Twenty pairs Shoes, Fifty Yards Linsey [?] Plaid One hundred yards Calico Prints, One hundred yards Shirting, Eight Blanket shawls, One hundred pounds Soap, One Barrel Salt, Fifteen Bags Flour, One hundred pounds Tobacco, Ten Hoes, Ten Axes, Fifteen Knives, Twenty five Cotton Hand-kerchiefs, One Barrel Molasses, One hundred pounds Sugar, Ten pounds Tea, Six eight-quart Brass kettles, Ten ten-quart Tin Pails, Twelve Pint Cups, Ten six-quart Pans, Ten Caps. All to be of good quality and delivered at Burnie’s [?] Landing on the Columbia River.

Article 4.  There shall be perpetual peace and friend-ship between all the citizens of the United States of Amer-ica, and all the individuals composing said Waukikum Band of the Chinook Tribe of Indians.

Article 5.  This treaty shall take effect and be oblige-tory on the contracting parties, as soon as the same shall be ratified by the President of the United States by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof.

In testimony whereof the said Anson Dart Superintendent Henry H. Spalding Agent, and Josiah L. Parrish, aforesaid, and the said Chiefs and Headmen of the Waukikum Band of the Chinook Tribe

[p 6 ] of Indians, have hereunto set their hands and seals at the time and place first herein above written.

Anson Dart      Superintendent

Henry H. Spalding       Agent

Josiah L. Parrish          Sub Agent

Skumakqueah                x his mark                       Stucallahwah                x his mark

Klahan                             x his mark                       Wallhalsh                        x his mark

Wallahsah                       x his mark                       Jah we os                         x his mark

Slallahle                           x his mark                       Waketose                        x his mark

Signed, Sealed and Witnessed in Presence of N. DuBois Secretary HH Raymond Interpreter K Shortess Acting Sub Agent

At the signing of the above Articles of this treaty it was agreed that upon the ratification of the same by the Presi-dent and Senate, Skumahqueah should receive a Rifle worth Fifty Dollars as a present.

Transcribed by Lorane Butler, PSU June 2019

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  1. renegotiate all Indian-White treaties is the start. A lot of education ahead and the psychological community shall have to address guilt as a perverse action to self-defeat. Thoughts of Dr. Lewis?

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