The Upper Umpqua and Yoncalla are Removed to the Umpqua Reservation

A subject which has had little clarity in the past is when were the Umpqua and Southern Kalapuya, the Yoncallas, resettled to the Umpqua Reservation at Coles Valley. The Umpqua and Calapooia Treaty of November 29, 1854 is the treaty of land cession for these tribes and sets in motion the removal of the tribes to a permanent reservation. But that removal did not happen immediately and significant plans had to be made to create the temporary Umpqua Reservation, and develop it to the point that the tribes may be removed there. The illustration of this process and event was … Continue reading The Upper Umpqua and Yoncalla are Removed to the Umpqua Reservation

Near Extinction of the Grave Creek Band

The experiences of the Grave Creek Indians of southwestern Oregon mirror those of the other tribes in the region. They however hardly survived the 1850s as most of their people were exterminated by settler and militia before they could be saved by federal Indian policies of removal. Hardly anything is known of the Grave Creeks, because few of these people lived to talk to anyone of their culture. Their area was south of the Cow Creek Umpqua basin and north of the Rogue River. They were related to and likely spoke the Takelma language like their neighbors. They wee never … Continue reading Near Extinction of the Grave Creek Band

Santiam Forks Band of Molalla

The Santiam Forks Band of Molalla is not as well known as the Northern Molalla. We have had a few stories and while there is some information in families genealogies of Chief Coastno, it is a rare subject. This essay will focus on this small tribe and reveal the available information. The most information was have about this tribe of Molalla is contained within the 1851 treaty journal; Champoeg May 3rd 1851 Saturday Afternoon, 2 o’clock, the chief and principal men of the Santiam Band of the Moo-lal-le tribe of Indians, having been assembled the Board of Commissioners met them … Continue reading Santiam Forks Band of Molalla

Palmer’s Ledger of Vouchers for the Willamette Valley Treaty

In Record Group 75 (Bureau of Indian Affairs) microfilm are many millions of records of the tribes as they were being managed by federal Indian agents. The M234 and M2 microfilm relate to the Oregon superintendency. They are generally in good order, but some miscellaneous records have been gathered into the final films. These miscellaneous records are not well researched and used in research. Occasions dips into these microfilm can reveal information vital to understanding key sections of history. This is the status of Joel Palmer’s ledger of vouchers. Palmer appears to have ordered created a ledger for much of … Continue reading Palmer’s Ledger of Vouchers for the Willamette Valley Treaty

Forced to Pay for the Rogue River 1853 War

One of the most egregious of acts against the Rogue River tribes in southern Oregon was making them pay for the destruction of the property of the American squatters out of their treaty payments, after years of illegal and poor treatment at the hands of the settlers. The Americans began traveling through and prospecting in southern Oregon in the late 1840s following the California Gold rush. During the rush and the Oregon gold rush two years later, many thousands of miners invaded the territory and began having conflicts with the tribes. The Rogue River people gained a reputation for being … Continue reading Forced to Pay for the Rogue River 1853 War