Camas and Micro-seasonality at Minto-Brown Park

We all are aware of the annual seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall, but in the growing cycle of the plants of the Willamette Valley there are micro-seasons when specific plants rise and expend their energies. (there is probably a botanical term for micro-seasons but not sure what that is.) This is the case at Minto-Brown park, during the first spring micro-season, with few flowers and plants just beginning to grow. For Camas, in about March-April, they sprout their long leaves and it takes some weeks for the central flower to begin to rise.   There are a few early … Continue reading Camas and Micro-seasonality at Minto-Brown Park

Seasonal Wetlands and Minto-Brown Island Park

It seems important to tribes that if they are truly to become restored, and decolonized, they need to be culturally restored by helping to decolonize their lands and traditional resources at the same time. Tribes did not independently become culture but there are important interactions with their land and its resources that helped develop their cultures. Therefore, tribal restoration and environmental restoration are linked elements in decolonization. But there is also many other reasons for restoring traditional landscapes, for the safety and security of the many peoples who now live here, for the health of the land and the planet, … Continue reading Seasonal Wetlands and Minto-Brown Island Park

Camas Journal, May 10, 2022 Minto-Brown Park

Visited again Minto-Brown park to see all of the camas fields. That field near the city has at this time a very thin population of camas, it seems too early for this field and they are just beginning to rise. Notice the leaves above showing signs of having been mowed. The whole management plan here is to mow these field previous to the arrival of camas, it may be that this field is slower to develop because the mowing is retarding the plant growth. The camas here are along the north and west faces of the field. I then walked … Continue reading Camas Journal, May 10, 2022 Minto-Brown Park

Camas Journal, May 8, 2022

I returned today to Bush Park to take in the middle prairie and see how things are going. The weather has scattered spring rains all day. This year the weather is odd, because for more than a decade its been dry in the spring and, while at the same time its normal because it used to be like this every spring. The land is certainly drenched and the camas is loving it. I took the creek trail and followed the creek up to the ball fields and then crossed to the stadium and followed the camas along the trail there. … Continue reading Camas Journal, May 8, 2022

Joryville Park May 5, 2022

I recently heard about another park I had not been to in Salem, Joryville Park. I went assuming it would be mostly grassland but was surprised that this Marion County park was full of native plants. This may be the last native landscape remaining of the Salem hills. The park is full of old growth firs and many native species. The park extended up to the near top of a hill, and at the bottom is a wetland, which is full this time of year. The best surprise was the very large hazel bushes I found. I have seen large … Continue reading Joryville Park May 5, 2022