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The Demise of McLoughlin and Lee

  As a student of Oregon history the names of John McLaughlin and Jason Lee are giants. They imbue the spirit of Oregon pioneerism in all of its horrible realism. To read of their exploits, is like viewing Mt. Hood today, they are ever-present, involved in everything, and towering over […]

Recognizing the Sacred- Our Tribal Leaders

Tribes are sovereign governments. All tribes have their unique history. Their history is unique in many ways from that of the colonial countries that took over their lands. All tribes in the United States and Canada have history before this colonization and a new history afterwards. The new history, whether […]

The Proper Study

  Years ago I engaged in taking classes at Santa Rosa Junior College. I felt drawn toward more empowerment for myself through education. The first study which captured my imagination was in the Humanities program. That program was focused around comparative world mythologies (AKA Joseph Campbell) and captured my imagination […]