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Colonizing the Blood

Federal policies beginning in the 19th century have sought to take all lands and resources from native nations. Many tribes lost most of their land and resources through wars and/or treaties which forced the movement of their tribe to a federal Indian reservation. Over…

The Red Road to Self-Extermination

In the 19th century, in the United States, Tribal nations were rounded up and placed on reservations. There Tribal people were subjected to the forces of assimilation that worked to change Tribal culture and make the people into Americans.  The national policy of this…

Denial of Humanity: Pseudo-Science and Native Culture

  Denial of Humanity: Pseudo-Science and Native Culture Expansion of an October 2005 essay, written originally in preparation for a dissertation about termination. “Denial of humanity” is a quote from Rennard Strickland in reference to the actions and in-actions of the US government with…

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