Cascades Watlala Narratives

Narrative about Virginia Miller The daughter of Tum-Wulth, Whylick Quiuck (Virginia Miller), told the Cascades side of the story to Edward Curtis in the early 1900s (Curtis 1911a:26-28). She was present at the incident and states that Tum-Wulth was not engaged in the battle, rather, it was Wapánaha (Obanaha), who was “actuated by ambition.” Presumably Obanaha, the other Wah-lal-la treaty signer, was hoping to take leadership power from Tum-wulth. According to Virginia Miller Tum-Wulth had a feud with a Klickitat chief named Taimatas, who had mistreated Tum-Wulth’s sister, which led to her death. Taimatas was one of the leaders of … Continue reading Cascades Watlala Narratives