Tribal Oral Histories Are History

When the western Oregon tribes were terminated, the federal government reported that we had agreed to be terminated. This story is pervasive throughout the region with tribes, Oregonians and history books all professing the willingness of the western Oregon tribes to be terminated. This story affected people’s identities, where members of terminated tribes were not allowed to participate in reservation activities, as many non-terminated tribes assumed that the terminated tribes willingly agreed to stop being Indian. In fact terminated tribal people moved into cities and became “urban Indians”, a term many attributed in a negative way to be a racism … Continue reading Tribal Oral Histories Are History

RG75 M234 Now Discovered ONLINE!

RG75 M2, M234 Yes these are historian-archival resources that many of us in the research business know as the source for much of the information about Indian Affairs in the 19th century. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I envy your ignorance, as there must be a lot less stress, strain, and anguish in your life. These are microfilm series that contain correspondence from Indian Agents and others about the administration of tribes and reservations in the United States. There are two different series related to Oregon for RG (Record Group) 75: NARA  Series M234- Letters received, … Continue reading RG75 M234 Now Discovered ONLINE!