1856 Umpqua Encampments at Grand Ronde

During my Molalla presentation in class this week, I looked closely at the original Grand Ronde map. I noticed for the first time that there are three Umpqua tribes in the first reservation census, Umpqua, Molalla (southern Molalla) and Calapooia (Yoncalla) likely those who came onto the reservation together from the Umpqua Reservations. We can call this the Umpqua Trail of Tears. I also noticed that there are five letters on the first map (K,L,M,N,O) noting five campsites for the Umpqua people, according to the legend on the map. This may suggest that there were five titular leaders from these … Continue reading 1856 Umpqua Encampments at Grand Ronde