The Neo-Colonization and Termination of Native Reservations 2017

Standing Rock camp is rounding up this week, after at least 10 months of activation to stop oil pipelines through North Dakota. At stake was the health and welfare of the Stand Rock Sioux who live on the Standing Rock Reservation. The encampment attracted upwards of 20,000 people who rotated in and out of the encampment, who wanted to protect the region from the probability of another oil pipeline breach, a fairly common problem for pipelines in the region. The pipeline was halted just before bridging the Cannonball river. The protectors faced severe opposition with state police and hired guards attacking the protectors … Continue reading The Neo-Colonization and Termination of Native Reservations 2017

Colonization in Native Country 2016: Standing Rock Encampment

Manifest Manners- Manifest Manners are the course of dominance, the racialist notions and misnomers sustained in archives and lexicons as “authentic” representations of Indian cultures. Manifest manners court the destinies of monotheism, cultural determinism, objectivism, and the structural conceits of savagism and civilization. Gerald Vizenor Americans of the United States have accomplished (extermination & deprival of rights) … with singular felicity; tranquility, legally, philanthropically, without shedding blood, and without violating a single great principle of morality in the eyes of the world. It is impossible to destroy men with more respect for the laws of humanity (Alexis de Tocqueville, 1835). … Continue reading Colonization in Native Country 2016: Standing Rock Encampment

The Red Road to Self-Extermination

In the 19th century, in the United States, Tribal nations were rounded up and placed on reservations. There Tribal people were subjected to the forces of assimilation that worked to change Tribal culture and make the people into Americans.  The national policy of this time was to assimilate American Indians into the “melting pot” of the United States.and eliminate the need for reservations. First the Tribes needed to be removed and dispossessed from their land, then the children were removed, and imprisoned in schools to remove their culture. Gradually the tribes changed, survived in many ways, but changed to American culture. This … Continue reading The Red Road to Self-Extermination

Denial of Humanity: Pseudo-Science and Native Culture

  Denial of Humanity: Pseudo-Science and Native Culture Expansion of an October 2005 essay, written originally in preparation for a dissertation about termination. “Denial of humanity” is a quote from Rennard Strickland in reference to the actions and in-actions of the US government with regards to termination and treaties, ie: the rights of Indians to maintain their culture and history and sovereignty. Termination – what is it? – from the Federal POV they assume the right to manage sovereign tribes, they assume the right to stop managing tribes under their own terms. They assume the right to claim Indian lands … Continue reading Denial of Humanity: Pseudo-Science and Native Culture

King Sugar-ocracy

  Sugar is a huge industry in the United States. The substance is in nearly every processed food we eat. Why is this the case? Sugar is a drug. A legal drug that alters our body chemistry, including mood, psychology, and medical condition. Over a lifetime of eating sugar people develop all sorts of medical conditions, diabetes the most prevalent. This unscientific essay will discuss the history of sugar in the United States in my own biased way. I love sugar. I eat in every day in several foods. I love chocolate, love candy. I don’t eat candy everyday, and … Continue reading King Sugar-ocracy