Outside the Ethnographic Box: Native Trade Networks

Its important for people today to understand how extensively the tribes in the region traded and traveled. Native peoples generally traveled in annual routes about their homelands and traveled river highways, and overland trails to far away tribes to form partnerships, arrange marriages and access resources they did not have in their region. First, its  important to understand how attitudes and understandings about native trade have been heavily shaped by the history of anthropology. In the early days of anthropology, many anthropologists assumed that tribes remained in small areas adjacent to their villages. That they did not travel much or … Continue reading Outside the Ethnographic Box: Native Trade Networks

A Fight for Respect!

A few years ago, during a period of research on the Internet, I happened upon a collection of photographs of stone bowls and tools recovered from a Kalapuya archaeological site from the Willamette Valley. Generally, when engaged in Google searches I will click on the photo tab and find many images that highlight any research I am engaged in. On this one occasion, I was searching for information about the Kalapuya mounds. There appeared in the photo tab a photo of the original map of the 100 or more mounds that had been discovered along the Calapooia River in the … Continue reading A Fight for Respect!