Agent of Rebirth, Kalapuyan Culture in Linn County

The Kalapuyans, for their part, accepted the settlement of the whites at first, as they saw the great wealth in new things brought to them, metals, fabrics, weapons, and beads for jewelry were much sought after. But as always, there was settlement which brought came diseases, competition for food and land, and competing cultural worldviews. Tribal people would see the Whitemen, “Bostons,”  first as wealthy neighbors, where they could count on them in times of need, while the white settlers saw the tribes mostly as a nuisance, and would not share their property, food, or goodwill with the Indians. The … Continue reading Agent of Rebirth, Kalapuyan Culture in Linn County

Mounds of the Tualatin-Yamhill Kalapuyan Area

Documents have been uncovered that address the Kalapuya mounds in the Tualatin and Yamhill valleys. The most famous Kalapuya mounds are those that were along the Calapooia river and tributaries from Corvallis to Sweet Home. In this area over 100 mounds existed. Most of these mounds have been plowed under, so that there may be less than ten mounds remaining. There is one other area that had mounds, the Longtom River had recorded mounds, but research records have yet to be discovered. The mounds, which Albert Gatschet called Atudship mounds, were burial mounds of Kalapuyans. The area mounds appear to … Continue reading Mounds of the Tualatin-Yamhill Kalapuyan Area

A Fight for Respect!

A few years ago, during a period of research on the Internet, I happened upon a collection of photographs of stone bowls and tools recovered from a Kalapuya archaeological site from the Willamette Valley. Generally, when engaged in Google searches I will click on the photo tab and find many images that highlight any research I am engaged in. On this one occasion, I was searching for information about the Kalapuya mounds. There appeared in the photo tab a photo of the original map of the 100 or more mounds that had been discovered along the Calapooia River in the … Continue reading A Fight for Respect!