Native Community History of Eugene Area

Original Peoples The earliest history of Native people in the Eugene-Springfield area is that of the Kalapuya tribes from the area, Chifin, Winefelly,  Pee-u (Mohawk), and Chelamela tribes. These people signed a treaty with the United States in 1855, and were removed to temporary reservations in the Willamette valley. The Yoncalla, in the Umpqua valley, and in the Calapooia Mountains just south of Cottage Grove were removed to the Umpqua reservation after they signed the Kalapuya and Umpqua treaty in 1854. The tribes in the Eugene area of the Willamette Valley were taken to Spores farm to live for a year until they removed to the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation in 1856. Some of the Yoncalla, members of the Halo family, chose to remain living around Yoncalla, and Cottage Grove, Oregon. Settlement period and Farm Labor Likely the earliest history, in  the settlement era, has Native people becoming farm-workers harvesting crops around Eugene. Native people would come to the Willamette

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