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Frog is in the Moon: Takelma Stories

Stories from the Takelma people are great information about how people thought about their world. This is important to me because I have direct ancestry with Takelma and Cow Creek Umpqua peoples. I have spent a good number of years looking at the Kalapuya tribes and found out so much […]

Cattle-Headed People and Round-heads

I am not a linguist, but have a lot of experience researching and using native languages especially Chinuk Wawa, Kalapuyan, and Athapaskan languages. In recent research, I found in the John P. Harrington microfilms (reel 28) a word for the Kalapuyans that appears to originate from the Takelmans. The research […]

Myths of the Wandering Indians

From at least the 18th century and afterward, for much of the writing about Native peoples, we are written about as being wandering peoples. Explorers, settlers, fur traders all write about us, our tribal ancestors, as wandering the landscape as if we had no notion of living in one place. […]

Rogue River Peoples, Oregon

On a bright summer day I was visiting the Rogue River Valley and stopped at upper Table Rock. I knew about the trail to the top and park and took that trail. I felt many things about that place, I am a descendant of the Takelma peoples, sometimes called Rogue […]