Klikitat and Twality Battles Over Land

Klikitats Occupy the Willamette Valley By the 1830s, right about the time that “fever and ague” a great plague, likely malaria (Boyd, the Coming of the Spirit of Pestilence,1999) hit the tribes of the Columbia River and Willamette Valley, Klikitat Indians began occupying parts of the Willamette and Umpqua valleys unopposed. It’s likely that they had been coming into the valleys, crossing the Columbia River in small groups, for decades, even hundreds of years. But, tribes like the Chinookans and the Kalapuyans were quite numerous and they would have defended their territory and presence at key resource locations, like falls, … Continue reading Klikitat and Twality Battles Over Land

Tualatin Kalapuyans and Seasonal Rounds

  The Kalapuyan tribes were about 19 tribes and bands in the Willamette Valley. The tribes and bands  in the Tualatin valley were the Tualatin Kalapuyans. Historical documents also called these people Twalaty or Atfalati. Many Tualatin villages were situated around Wapato Lake. The lake provided a vast amount of resources, reeds and sedges for basketry, fish, crayfish, waterfowl, and wapato as the major staple of the tribes. In the early 20th century the lake was drained to make more croplands. Water management in the little valley at Gaston, OR proved so expensive that in the 1990’s, many agriculturalists opted … Continue reading Tualatin Kalapuyans and Seasonal Rounds