Is Climate Change Always the Reason for Wildfires?

Recently, in the media the subject of climate change has again become popular. In NPR interviews scientists have discussed  how reporters need to not just be reporting the wildfire season, or the effects of massive environmental disasters, without linking them to Climate Change. Rarely is climate change mentioned now, perhaps an effect of the Trump administrations dampening down climate change research, ignoring climate change as a serious problem to our society and nation, and  removing or deleting climate change research from federal websites. With little or nothing online on federal websites, no actions by the federal government, the media has … Continue reading Is Climate Change Always the Reason for Wildfires?

A Stable Kalapuyan Anthropogenic-Environmental Model?

It is noted that humans have had an extreme effect on the environment everywhere they have lived. These changes became much more radical some 12,000 years ago when agriculture was developed. In the Willamette Valley the tribes did not develop agriculture. They did instead participate in seasonal anthropogenic fires, and seasonal harvesting of foods, at least as far back as 8,000 years. The Kalapuyans divided their year in half with the summer season for the tribe began in the spring with movements to gathering camps for early vegetables and fruits. Their year began in autumn as stated on the 1877 … Continue reading A Stable Kalapuyan Anthropogenic-Environmental Model?