Houses of the Oregon Tribes

The question of what sorts of houses the Kalapuyans had has again surfaced. Over the years this question has been of prime importance. Many Americans, ignorant of the diversity and variability of Tribal cultures have assumed that tipis were the houses for all American Indians. This notion has informed generations of Americans and has been reinforced by media and Hollywoodian images of Native societies. In addition, the extreme focus on the Indian cultures of the American Great Plains by American society (wars, buffalo hunting, studies, religions) has caused the notion of the tipi to become somewhat larger than reality. The … Continue reading Houses of the Oregon Tribes

Manifest Destiny in American Policy

Manifest Destiny has plagued Native peoples of the United States for over 160 years. Historians have written extensively about the philosophy which seemed to become policy of the United States and its citizens in the 19th century. Under the notions of Manifest destiny ten of thousand of Indians were killed, Native Nations were pushed out of the way for Americans to settle their lands. The notions of Manifest Destiny made what was happening to the Tribe a justified action because it was the divine will of providence that Americans should own the whole of the continent. In this manner millions … Continue reading Manifest Destiny in American Policy

Anson Dart’s Report of November 7, 1851: Contextualized

Anson Dart’s Report of November 7, 1851, Transferring 13 Treaties to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs: Annotated with Contextual Comments Here begin the full text of the Report of Anson Dart. I have worked to include every word transcribed, there … Continue reading Anson Dart’s Report of November 7, 1851: Contextualized

The Grand Ronde Acreage History

The original plan for the placement of the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation may have come out of the effort to locate the Kalapuyan tribes on their own permanent reservations after the 1851 treaties. Anson Dart’s statements about the Yamhill Reservation as being remote and protected may be the key, and that Yamhill reserve location at Gopher Valley is actually fairly close by to Grand Ronde Valley. These treaties were never ratified but may have informed Joel Palmer of some well-protected valleys. In 1855 Palmer was finishing the treaties of western Oregon and when the Rogue River war erupted, began planning … Continue reading The Grand Ronde Acreage History