Fort Calipuyaw- Willamette Trading Post

Fort Calipuyaw was a trading post erected to hold some 29 people from the Pacific Fur traders. It was erected in 1812 by Alexander Henry and continued to be used by the Pacific Fur Traders until 1814. It was located about 10-15 miles beyond Champoeg near the location of Dayton. Fort Calipuyaw Fort Calipuyaw- 30 miles above the Falls of the Wollamut, Wednesday 8th December. (1813) The Party under Mr. Henry, or which I am a member, reached this place, where buildings are to be erected, On Monday the  29th Novr. It consists of 29 men, Mr. H’s woman and child, … Continue reading Fort Calipuyaw- Willamette Trading Post

The Kalapuya Village of Champoeg

Champoeg is a monument to early Oregon settlement by French- Canadians and Americans from the 1820s to the 1850s. Champoeg, situated on the edge of the French Prairie, the breadbasket of early pioneer Oregon territory, served as a center of community governance, as a cultural center and as a trade port where shipments of grains and other trade goods (fleece, wheat, timber, vegetables) would be sent downriver to Oregon City. There these products may be processed in mills and factories (powered by the Falls) into flour, lumber or woolens and be shipped to world markets. Champoeg was the community which … Continue reading The Kalapuya Village of Champoeg