This Place is as My Heart: The 1855 Wasco-Deschutes Treaty

In 1855, Joel Palmer met with the Wasco and Deschutes tribes to convince them to sign the treaty and remove to the proposed Warm Springs Reservation. The chief of the tribes spoke powerfully about their love of their land, calling their fish, gathering and hunting places  like the parts of their heart. The tribes knew they had to move and get out of the way of the gathering horde of Americans. Palmer told then that the Americans had the privilege of claiming any lands except for the reservation. The Tribal chiefs assembled did not know much of the reservation lands … Continue reading This Place is as My Heart: The 1855 Wasco-Deschutes Treaty

Cascade Watlala Removal in April 1856

My previous article about the Cascades addressed the general history and culture of the Cascades Tribe. I am now over a year into additional research on these tribal histories. I have nearly completed a full review of the M2 microfilm series (Oregon Superintendency) and found numerous additional details. The most startling yet found is a letter from Joel Palmer, preserved in his letter-books (M2, Reel 6), that address directly the Cascades and when they were removed. Previously I have stated: “The Cascades at the rapids, now Cascade Locks have their own unique history. Those Cascades where on the southern eastern bank … Continue reading Cascade Watlala Removal in April 1856