Santiam Forks Band of Molalla

The Santiam Forks Band of Molalla is not as well known as the Northern Molalla. We have had a few stories and while there is some information in families genealogies of Chief Coastno, it is a rare subject. This essay will focus on this small tribe and reveal the available information. The most information was have about this tribe of Molalla is contained within the 1851 treaty journal; Champoeg May 3rd 1851 Saturday Afternoon, 2 o’clock, the chief and principal men of the Santiam Band of the Moo-lal-le tribe of Indians, having been assembled the Board of Commissioners met them … Continue reading Santiam Forks Band of Molalla

Lost Horses & Rights of Native Peoples in Salem, Oregon 1875

In 1875 a good number of letters were sent around to Indian agents about Indians who had “illegally” left the reservations and who were living in a settler community, about small minor crimes and disturbances by Indians from the Dalles to Roseburg. During this time the federal government was in the midst of taking several hundred thousand acres form the Coast reservation, many of the Native people were feeling insecure about their living situation, and the reservation culture was still extremely rugged. Additionally, in 1875, the funding from the treaties of 1853-1855 ended. The 20 years of payments for education … Continue reading Lost Horses & Rights of Native Peoples in Salem, Oregon 1875