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Forming the Grand Ronde Tribal Confederation 1850s

The Grand Ronde Tribe is a confederacy of tribes.  The history of research on how many tribes came to Grand Ronde has greatly progressed in recent years. For a time in the 1990s Grand Ronde noted five tribes (the primary tribal groups- which encouraged…

Short Biographies of a Few of the Most Important Chiefs of Western Oregon

Tribes generally rename President’s day to Tribal Chief’s Day. Chiefs, headmen and leaders of the tribes have significant responsibilities to make decisions for the welfare of their tribes. In the past the Chiefs were the ultimate authority and their leadership was unquestioned. Here are…

Observations of John Minto, Salem, Oregon 1874

The following is an annotation to accompany John Minto’s 1874 editorial in the Willamette Farmer newspaper. Minto, a notable settler in Salem participated in many aspects of early Oregon society;  in the formation of the government and in the blazing of various trail systems…

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