Yamhill Dogs Chase Comegys’ Hogs

A letter was delivered in person to Joel Palmer, Indian Superintendent of Oregon, in 1855 of a complaint of Jacob Comegys about his pigs being chased and killed by Yamhill Kalapuyans and their dogs. Jacob had sold his lands in Missouri and moved his whole family to Yamhill Oregon where he took up a land claim in 1847. The claim was certified by the Land office in 1851 after the Oregon Donation Land Claim Act was passed. This was part of the purpose of the Act, to certify the previous claims of settlers even though the previous claims were not … Continue reading Yamhill Dogs Chase Comegys’ Hogs

Planning the Reserve on the Sea Coast

The following letters detail one side of the conversation with Joel Palmer, Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Oregon, and John Wool, commander of the Pacific Department. (I don’t yet have Palmer’s letters.) Wool’s assistant Townsend, when Wool was visiting Puget Sound, sent orders to help Palmer move the tribes from Southern Oregon, at the Table Rock Reservation, with troops from Fort Vancouver. There was a shortage of troops at this time because at the same time several companies were deploying into Washington State to encounter the Yakimas and Klickitats who were being hostile. The Yakimas and Klickitats had already forced … Continue reading Planning the Reserve on the Sea Coast

The Temporary Reservation on the Guilford W. Warden DLC, Yamhill County

Guilford W. Warden  was an emigre into the Oregon Territory in 1850. He had a donation land claim in Yamhill County near the South Yamhill River and Salt Creek. It was claim number 1822, was 638.89 acres, and was located in the GLO map grid of Township 6, Range 5.  This land claim was surveyed in 1858 and has associated journal recordings of the DLC. He married Lydia Ann Goodrich of Polk County in 1851. Joel Palmer, the Indian superintendent for Oregon, appears to have established a temporary Indian reservation on the Warden DLC in 1855.     Contemporaneous with … Continue reading The Temporary Reservation on the Guilford W. Warden DLC, Yamhill County