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Cascades Watlala Narratives

Narrative about Virginia Miller The daughter of Tum-Wulth, Whylick Quiuck (Virginia Miller), told the Cascades side of the story to Edward Curtis in the early 1900s (Curtis 1911a:26-28). She was present at the incident and states that Tum-Wulth was not engaged in the battle, rather, it was Wapánaha (Obanaha), who […]

Clatsops After Their 1851 Treaty

In the 19th century Indian Agents were obsessed with keeping liquors away from Native peoples. Whether their motivation was religious, as most were conservative protestants, or concern for the welfare of the Natives, they implemented rigorous protocols to keep liquor and liquor trade from Native peoples. Beginning with Anson Dart […]

Our World is Created by Monsters

We know that Native stories, what we call oral history now, were history of our lands and peoples. Many were also teaching lessons for children. Their parents and elders in the tribes would set aside time in the winter time, usually at night to tell stories land, how it was […]