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Clearing the Land and Making all Indians Good: The Massacre at Bear River, Utah

  In 1863, the California Volunteers under Colonel Patrick E. Connor (3rd Volunteer Regiment, California Cavalry), massacred either 300 or three thousand Ute (Shoshone) Indians in Cash Valley (Cache Valley-Battle of Bear River, February 20, 1863), Utah. The first account, a book written by…

Coquille Massacre Narratives

The Massacre Narrative is a specific type of story where is documented a traumatic event in history. Generally dozens if not hundreds die. massacres occur because of conflicts between cultures. One culture is working to destroy the competing culture. This is not something that…

A State of Open Warfare: the Chetko Massacre revisited

Rape, threats of violence, and Murder were the tools used by the Whitemen who came to the region encompassing northern California and southern Oregon in search of opportunity and gold. The coastal towns of the tribes, in the vicinity of the much more recent…

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